Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions.

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Current Executive Board:
Jennifer Vandever (president) 
Mason Richards (vice president) 
Dan Viafore (treasurer)
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We are the Emerson Los Angeles Part-time Faculty union (ELAF), a chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).  We're a faculty union that protects your rights as a teacher, represents your interests to the administration, and collectively bargains the contract that governs adjunct employment at Emerson College Los Angeles. 

In 2016, the ELA Faculty negotiated and ratified its first union contract which remains in effect until June, 2020.  Some highlights include:

* Annual salary increases of 2-4%

* Salary increases 13 - 20% over life of contract

* Access to medical/dental benefits

* $1500 Professional development fund

* Two semester contracts for senior faculty

* Accelerated path to level 2 seniority for junior faculty

The union also acts as a liaison to administrators.  When necessary, the union will speak on your behalf. When all else fails, adjunct faculty members have the security provided by legally binding grievance and arbitration procedures.